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E38, e39 power folding mirror repair

Forum 5 E39 E38, e39 power folding mirror repair

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2016-01-19 09:19:29

BMW e38 / e39 power folding mirror repair  |  More info

Passenger side mirror stopped folding in, so I investigated and posted my results.

1. Purchase an e38 Power Folding Mirror from ebay

2. At this point you have the option of replacing the entire mirror

3. Pry mirror glass out using Popsicle stick or equivalent.

4. Disconnect mirror heating wires and dimming connector if you have this option.

5. Remove 4 screws holding mirror plastic trim piece in place.

6. Remove mirror back by releasing two bottom tabs and pushing towards back, then repeat for the two top tabs.

7. Remove 3 small screws holding mirror motor cover and motor in place.

8. Using screwdriver, gently pry up the metal motor plate.

9. Using pliers grab metal motor plate and pull up and away from location.

10. check motor operation by pressing mirror fold button

11. Remove the worm gear with plastic cog.

12. If worm gear is worn, this is your culprit.

13. Repeat procedure on purchased ebay mirror.

14. place "new" worm gear in place.

15. oil all parts

16. press motor / plate back in place

17. secure

18. Check for folding / unfolding operation.

19. put mirror back together