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E46 Checking & Adding & Draining Coolant

Forum 3 E46 E46 Checking & Adding & Draining Coolant

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2017-02-22 15:19:36

DIY: Checking / Adding Coolant on a BMW  |  More info

This was done on my 2002 330i.

2017-02-22 15:33:57

Best Way To Drain Coolant on an E46 BMW #m54rebuild  |  More info

I began my rebuild when I did a compression test and noticed I had poor compression in cylinders 2-6 (about 142 psi, the bottom of the service limit). Cylinder 1 head 160 psi. A leakdown test showed leakage into each adjacent cylinder. Of course my engine also had the oil consumption problem (1 quart every 1000 miles) that every M54 engine has, which is caused by the oil rings which wear down prematurely (the M52TU used different oil rings which did not have this problem). There was also coolant loss, which I didn't measure precisely.

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How to remove the thermostat housing & water pump:

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2017-02-22 18:00:40

E46 Slow Coolant Leak Fix DIY  |  More info

The coolant temp sensor o-ring seems to not get mention in the cooling system overhauls. It's very easy to replace and it's hard to tell when it is leaking (there was no white residue). This is definitely a good place to start. Good luck :)