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2017-02-24 15:51:47

All New 2016 BMW X1 XDRIVE 28i / Quick BMW Review  |  More info

Next Generation 2016 BMW X1 Xdrive 28i in Black Sapphire Metallic. Premium, Driver's Assistance & Technology Packages. Harman Kardon Premium Sound System & LED Headlights with Cornering Lights. MSRP is 46,770 USD. 0 to 60 in 6.3 seconds. Exhaust Sound. BMW Review. Car Review. Thumbs Up! ***** Join my social family at - TSU People's Network - use my link - (copy & paste it) and then click on the Join button. Upload pictures of your favorite vehicles that you see around town and the one your driving. Thanks *****

2017-02-24 15:52:25

2017 BMW X1 Unboxing - We Found The (Almost) Perfect Luxury Crossover  |  More info

For today's unboxing review we bring you the 2017 BMW X1 xDrive28i. This is the second generation X1, which hit the market for 2015. Aside from being bigger inside and out than its predecessor, the new X1 is more luxurious and, above all, is built on a front-wheel-drive platform, not a rear-wheel-drive one. Is this a good thing? Depends on whom you ask. Driving and BMW enthusiasts will argue the RWD platform is better, but mainstream buyers typically prefer FWD, one reason being is that it's more fuel efficient.

But our X1 tester came equipped with the German automaker's AWD system, called xDrive, so it does have the ability to do some minor off-roading and, overall, has better grip than the standard FWD version. AWD is a $2,000 option but we think it's worth it. What impressed us the most about the X1, however, is its rear seat; it's surprisingly spacious and very comfortable. Up front, the driver is treated to even more luxury and attention to detail. Point being is that BMW did its homework here and has delivered an excellent all-around compact luxury crossover. Still though, we do miss RWD. Enjoy the review!


Introduction: 0:15

Interior details: 1:45

Optional features: 3:50

iDrive infotainment: 4:45

Navigation: 5:20

Driving Modes: 6:35

How does it drive?: 7:05

Panoramic sunroof: 7:25

Safety: 8:30

Rear seat space: 9:50

Cargo space: 10:40

What's xDrive?: 1:15

Engine and transmission: 11:30

Engine start up: 12:05

Performance and fuel economy: 12:20

Exterior details: 12:45

What's the competition?: 14:05

Pricing: 14:25

What do I like: 15:15

Don't like: 15:40

Conclusion: 16:35

Special thanks to Niello BMW-Sacramento for letting us film the car. Check out their entire inventory at:

Vehicles in this review were provided by The Niello Company, the largest car dealer group in Sacramento. All opinions in these reviews are that of CarBuzz, not that of The Niello Company.

2017-02-24 15:53:17

New BMW X1 Xdrive 28I New Body Style / 19" Wheels / BMW Review  |  More info

Next Generation BMW X1 Xdrive 28i. Mediterranean Blue Metallic with Black Dakota Leather. Fastest in it's class 6.3 seconds 0 to 60 MPH. Nice updated 19 inch Light Alloy Wheels. MSRP of 45,520 USD. BMW Review. Car Review. Thumbs Up!! Trish's instagram is BMW_TRISHA

2017-02-24 15:53:36

The new BMW X1.  |  More info

Take a closer look at some of the outstanding features the new BMW X1 has to offer.