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Minicooper Thermostat housing replacement

Forum Mini Minicooper Thermostat housing replacement

2017-02-25 12:23:48

Replace R55/R56 MINI Thermostat Housing Cooper S / Clubman S P0597 OBD code  |  More info

Step by step - how to replace a thermostat housing for the N14 engine used in Gen 2 2007-2010 turbo MINIs. Procedure is similar for N12/N18 engines (non-turbo, turbo/non-turbo 2011 and newer). Mechanics-eye-view of job from start to finish. R55 and R56 cars. Buy parts and install yourself to save money and have fun by working on your own MINI Cooper!

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You may need to do this if you have a P0597 "thermostat heater control circuit open" OBD diagnostic trouble or fault code (DTC), coolant leaking from the left/center of the engine and pooling on top of the transmission, engine takes long time to warm up/no interior heat, car is overheating even though fan is working, etc.

You may also be able to just replace the sensor on the top of the housing if you have the P0597 code, but replacing the entire housing is good insurance against a bad thermostat and preventative maintenance as many of these develop leaks as well as they age.

Save money and have fun by working on your own MINI Cooper!

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