BMW C Evolution

BMW C Evolution

Year of production 2013 - ...

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K1200LT Shock replacement 1  udm
K1200LT Radio replacement 1  udm
K1200LT Clutch fluid flush 1  udm
K1200LT Brakes and ABS flush 1  udm
K1200LT Clutch and main seal replacement 1  udm
K1200LT Oil change 1  udm
K1200LT Fork oil and seal replacement 1  udm
K1200LT Coolant flush 1  udm
F800 ST Fork seal change 1  udm
C600 oil and filter change 1  udm
S1000RR Clutch maintenance 1  udm
F650GS, F800GS Coolant change 1  udm
F800GS Front rim replacement 1  udm
F650, 800GS brake pads change 1  udm
F800GS battery change 1  udm
F650GS front forks leaking repair 1  udm
F650GS Clutch change 1  udm
F650 GS Oil change 1  udm
F650 GS Valve shim adjustment 1  udm
F800GS inner rear fender installation 1  udm

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Photo gallery BMW C Evolution

BMW C Evolution
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2013-10-16  Nel
BMW C Evolution
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2013-10-15  Nel

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