Video - BMW M6 Burnouts,130MPH+ Straight Pipes GoPro HD

Videos BMW M6 BMW M6 Burnouts,130MPH+ Straight Pipes GoPro HD

BMW M6 Burnouts,130MPH+ Straight Pipes GoPro HD

My buddyies 2006 BMW M6 tearing up some open country roads on a beautiful day. Filmed with a GoPro Hero HD. Top speed reached in video was about 135. Hope you enjoy!! MAKE SURE YOU WATCH IN 720p or 1080p FOR BETTER SOUND AND VIDEO QUALITY! BMW "BMW X5" M3 Engine motor ferrari lambo gsxr ducati high speed Motorcycle Porsche Yamaha Suzuki Lamborghini Honda Bike Kawasaki x3 x5 4.8is 4.6is swap dyno Tuning Stunt Motorbike Burnout race racing exhaust wheelie turbo supercharge drag Turbocharger Mustang Cars Camaro Ford Corvette Street Custom e30 e36 "car show" "car shop" speeding "top speed" Audi drift drifting hellaflush slammed straight pipes dinan x pipes redbull top speed burnout

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