Video - BMW Veilside Z3 - Designed and Built by RudeCar

Videos BMW Z3 BMW Veilside Z3 - Designed and Built by RudeCar

BMW Veilside Z3 - Designed and Built by RudeCar

RudeCar is a family run business. Their aim is your recommendation and to say the least their work is off the highest quality. Here we have a special BMW Z3 built to show what can be done when one has the desire. A great car built from scratch. The car was originally silver before RudeCar took it down to the shell and re-built it into this great looking roaster. They fitted it with a simple but very effective ICE install and styling to die for. They claim that this is the only 2.8 roaster with a genuine Veilside styling kit in the UK. Unless anyone else out there knows different, they may be right. As stated before in previous videos, RudeCar again illustrate superb skill and imagination with high quality workmanship in whatever they do. For sure another WOW factor here! For more on RudeCar visit their website.

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