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BMW - X3 Launch China

Extremes of fire and ice. To launch the new BMW X3, our team from Beijing initiated an impressive event campaign consisting of press and dealer events as well as the first winter-driving training in the history of BMW China. The theme is Xperience Xdrive Xtreme. With the Xperience Xdrive Xtreme theme, eleven events over seven days accompany the launch of the BMW X3 in Harbin. The idea is a high-contrast fire and ice concept which acts as a central theme throughout the entire programme, from the choice of location to the general programme with fire artistry through to the catering. 300 participants, including dealers, journalists, partners and BMW management, enjoyed the presentation of the new BMW X3 in our custom-made ice house. This is the events main attraction before the guests leave for an exceptional test drive. Off-road, on the ice of the frozen Erlong Lake in Northern China, the participants explored the technical features of the new car, to the Xtreme. - Presented with the Galaxy Award.

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