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BMW X5 3.0i Walkaround

2004 BMW X5 3.0i walkaround with Chicago Cars Direct. Okay, that spleen having been vented, let's proceed. Since its introduction for the 2000 model year, the X5 has been an unqualified success for BMW. But under pressure from a load of new sport-utes rolled out by VW, Porsche, Lexus, Infiniti, and others, X5 sales have slid by about five percent from their 2002 peak of 42742 units. In the hope of reversing that trend, BMW has subjected the X5 to a fairly thorough midlife makeover (which, unfortunately, came too late for us to include the revamped X5 in our 5Best Trucks competition last month). According to BMW, the 2004 X5 has more than 2100 new parts, two new engines, and four new colors. The most obvious update is a nose that's restyled from the A-pillar forward. It's a subtle face lift that retains BMW's trademark nostrils but adds emphasis with a series of showy chrome bars. The most significant news is the xDrive full-time, four-wheel-drive system. Basically, xDrive is a more responsive system because it adds a computer-controlled limited-slip center differential. It processes information from wheel-speed and stability-control sensors—monitoring such things as yaw rate and steering-wheel position—to distribute torque among all four wheels in a few milliseconds. Although this sort of system is not unheard of, BMW says its version is more responsive because of its exclusively developed and patented software and hardware. We flogged a few X5s equipped with the system ...

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