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BMW X5 E70 Compilation

The BMW E70 automobile platform is the project name for the second generation X5 SUV. It replaced the BMW E53. It is considerably bigger than the current E53 model, since it is be able to accommodate two extra passengers. The increase in size increases the differentiation possible between the X3 and X5, partly to address criticism in the marketplace of the close sizes of the first-generation X5 and smaller X3 model. BMW has taken a conservative approach to the styling of its second-generation X5 by maintaining the basic appearance of its well-received seven-year-old predecessor in a larger bodyshell supported by an all-new platform with some of the most advanced underpinnings the four wheel drive class has to offer. Underneath the familiar-looking sheet metal, however, the SUV boasts several changes the German carmaker is convinced will help cement its reputation as the benchmark for roadholding, while providing greater levels of versatility through a new optional seven-seat interior layout. Inside Line sources who have driven early prototypes said the new X5 steers and handles with all the precision of the critically acclaimed first-generation X5 and despite now being fitted with run-flat tires as standard manages to improve on ride quality, too. "It's not the most comfortable in the class, but we're confident the handling is as good as, or better than, the outgoing model," says one BMW executive. The front suspension is BMW's first use of a double wishbone suspension ...

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